The Thingery at LaTech is a community resource that brings together innovators from business, engineering, design, and the arts with the common goal of entrepreneurial innovation at the desktop scale. These innovators are makers and entrepreneurs and they bring their knowledge and skills together to provide resources to imagine and create new products and new business ventures in the region. The purpose of the Thingery at Louisiana Tech is to give an innovator access to the technical and intellectual resources needed to fully explore their ideas. This exploration may include design work, prototyping, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution for their new idea.

The Thingery currently consist of digital design workstations, a suite of desktop manufacturing equipment including four 3D printers, Epson 6 color process printer,  laser cutter, electronics work station, vinyl cutter, CNC router, CNC mill, vacuum former, bandsaw, Wacom Cintiq  and an assortment of hand tools. These resources are also directly linked with the entire array of entrepreneurial support and business development assistant available from Louisiana Tech University and our regional partners.




Cost of using our materials
  • 1x2 Steel
  • $110inch
  • 1x4 Steel
  • $250inch
  • 3x2 Steel
  • $250inch
  • 2x2 Aluminum
  • $100inch
  • 2x4 Aluminium
  • $200inch
  • 1x4 Aluminium
  • $200inch
  • Hardwood
  • $900unit
  • MDF
  • $900unit
  • Styrene
  • $225unit
Want to become a Thingery trainer? Contact us today!

Nathaniel Pruden
3D Printers, Laser Cutter, Vinyl Plotter, Roland and Tormach CNC,

Vlad Voziyanov
3D Printers

Membership for Community
  • Day Pass
  • $10
  • Week Pass
  • $50
  • Month Pass
  • $125
  • Yearly Pass
  • $750

Downstairs in University Hall

The Thingery staff is ready and able to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Kyle Prather
Product and Creative Development Director – Thingery