The Importance of New Ideas

The first in a 3-part series from Kathy Wyatt, Director of the Enterprise Center

Original ideas matter.
Whether the ideas are goofy or grand, allowing your mind to ponder different and better ways of doing things is important.  This process exercises your creative ability and pushes you into new territory.  It can stimulate conversation and prompt collaboration with others who possess knowledge or skills that can help validate your concept or establish the foundation for action.
As society changes, progress is achieved.  The things we now utilize and rely on for our daily activities, from brushing teeth to sending texts, all came from someone thinking that there must be a better way.  Even when our ideas are less than stellar, failure can teach us perseverance, humility, and ways to adapt our thinking. At the very least, we’ll learn how not to do something!
Tomorrow we will look at inspirational examples of businesses who chased an idea. Wednesday, we will introduce an opportunity for you to become involved in the idea generation and sharing process.
If you are not already in the habit of regularly conceptualizing new ways of doing things, please get your mind going.  If you frequently imagine new or improved solutions, keep doing that.  I am counting on all of you to help make our existence better and our future brighter.