The Importance of New Ideas (Part 2)

The second in a 3-part series from Kathy Wyatt, Director of the Enterprise Center

In our previous post, we briefly look at how critical it is for companies, and society at large, to constantly be generating, sifting through, and developing original ideas. But don’t simply take my word for it. Today, I’ll be highlighting several examples and resources to inspire and assist you through the idea generation process.
From the “buy-one-give-one” shoe-selling strategy of Toms to the hub network allowing FedEx overnight delivery, entrepreneurs have built global empires from the idea sparks of highly motivated individuals.
Here you can read about 15 businesses that have taken huge risks to great effect. Perhaps a few of their stories will propel you to your own success.
Another inspiring success story comes from Amazon Web Services. This large portion of the company’s revenue stream was conceived not by the CEO, but by a regular employee.
Click here to read the story of the idea generation behind Amazon Web Services.
If you feel you’re on the brink of something great but aren’t quite sure where to start, there are resources with tips and techniques to help stimulate creative thinking.
MindTools, a great resource for problem solving and creativity, has this piece on generating new ideas.
One of my favorite stories about where good ideas come from was delivered as a TED Talk by Steven Johnson in 2010, which can be found here.
Once the creativity kicks in, you may need help filtering the winners and taking action that helps transition those best ideas to reality. This article from Forbes can help with that.
No matter how you create, I urge you to record and develop your imagination. No matter what inspires your thinking – machines, health, games, fabric, codes, music, words, or multitudes of other avenues, continue creating, reach out to others, and join the community of innovators, entrepreneurs and founders that are part of Louisiana Tech University’s Innovation Enterprise.