Strategies for sharing: the one-minute elevator pitch edition


Sharing an idea in just one minute can be a daunting task. However, at the Prepare For and Practice Your Pitch workshop on Jan. 18, participants had the chance to learn how to tackle this challenge and develop strategies for effective methods to share their big idea or venture.

The workshop was led by Tech professor Kirk St. Amant, who gave some pointers on how best to construct an elevator pitch. He detailed the five necessary elements of any successful and succinct presentation: a value statement (what is the benefit?), problem (why is this needed?), a solution (how does this help?), operations (what are the next steps?), and market (who will need this service or product?).

Amant included strategies such as reminders that audiences like people who are human—those who are funny and ‘normal’ will often spark more interest in their ideas.

These strategies can be put into practice at the upcoming Won in One competition at 6 p.m. at the Rawle Enterprise Center on Thursday, Jan. 25. Competitors will have the opportunity to win cash prizes and audience members will be able to vote for the best ideas.