Prepare For and Practice Your Pitch workshop provides preview of big ideas

The group behind the idea for HemoCycle, an idea that aims to be a cost-effective alternative to blood transfusions during surgery, prepares their idea for presentation.

Creating a product that would recycle a patient’s blood during surgery, instead of a blood transfusion. Using an incentive-based program to help veterans. Decreasing time spent searching for parking spots in busy lots. It’s obvious: big ideas are brewing in the northern Louisiana region.

At the Prepare For and Practice Your Pitch workshop on Jan. 18, community members and students came together to practice sharing ideas like these and more.

After a presentation by Tech professor Kirk St. Amant on effective pitching strategies, attendees had the chance to present their own ideas. Each practice pitch was followed by an interactive critique from those present. Suggestions on time usage and clarifications were made to help improve each of the pitches for future presentations, or during the upcoming Won in One pitch competition.

Ideas to help those in and outside the community were highlighted throughout the evening.

Joshua Salley, a participant in the workshop, said he hopes to add a unique twist to an established program, Cans for Vets, which uses money from scrap metal donations to help veterans. He said he wants to create a reward system that incorporates local businesses to help increase program participation.

“Through this program, it allows the community to come together,” Salley said. “It allows civilians to pitch in to help understand what self-sacrifice is. I know it is as simple as saving your cans and donating them, but it is giving yourself up to make something bigger than yourself, and that allows returns.”

Come out next Thursday, Jan. 25 for Won in One 2018 and the chance to compete with your own unique idea for cash prizes. Your idea could win one of several cash prizes—up to $1,000 to be used in the next steps of your venture. Audience members will be able to hear details of unique ideas from a variety of interest areas and vote for the best presentations. Join us at 6 p.m. at the Rawle Enterprise Center for an evening of idea-sharing and excitement!