Nuclear Shield Technology

Red Box Technologies Markets Nuclear Shield Technology

Red Box has met tremendous success in developing the product prototypes and limited production market of nuclear protection technologies licensed from Louisiana Tech University. One success has been nuclear disposal bags. Red Box has partnered with American Strategic Innovations (ASI) for marketing and Heritage plastics for manufacturing of these bags that contain and shield nuclear waste. The same technology has a variety of other applications in developing nuclear shields to protect items from harmful radiation.


ASI has been founded in the Humana Enterprise Center to develop the market for these bags and a variety of other products. Nuclear detection products to monitor waste and detect potential efforts at nuclear terrorism has received spectacular accord in the intelligence community. Interest and guidance is being provided by National Security Technologies, the operational division of the Nevada Test Site and by In-Q-Tel, the VC firm owned by the CIA. The inventor, Dr. Chester Wilson and his group were invited to give four talks this year at Air Force Global Strike Symposium. This has spurred direct negotiations on products with major defense contractors, and has defined a new market space in radiation and EMP hard shielding for aerospace defense products. This market is estimated to be worth several billion dollars a year.



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