Jupiter Fuels, LLC

is an energy development company, offering proprietary technologies for direct conversion of natural gas to liquid fuels. Jupiter Fuels licensed technology from Louisiana Tech University and is conducting one of the largest commercialization ventures in the history of the institution. Jupiter Fuels is a story of American innovation at its best, that combines leading university innovators with patriotic North Louisiana investors. Their venture is proving to be a true revolution for America’s energy needs.

A breakthrough nanoengineered catalyst makes natural gas-to-liquid fuel conversion more affordable, which allows America’s dominance in natural gas to become dominance in energy—a true game changer for the US economy.  Jupiter Fuels is now completing an end-to-end prototype for production of diesel fuel at Camp Minden National Guard Training Site. Support is also emerging for similar research and development to meet the challenge of the US Department of Defense’s Congressional mandate for synthetic jet fuel.  Jupiter Fuels is providing sponsored research, internships, and jobs for Louisiana Tech students and graduates.

Website: www.jupiterfuels.com