Louisiana Tech partnered with IPEX, Inc., one of the leading pipeline manufacturers in North America to develop a kinetic energy harvesting system for municipal sewer and storm water pipelines called as eVortex. The eVortex consists of novel hydraulic turbine with integrated electrical generator designed for retrofitting within municipal Vortex Drop Structures.  There are thousands of these drop structures already installed across North America carrying billions of gallons of waste water year around and the technology developed from this collaborative effort provides opportunity for municipalities to generate revenue through energy generation. Much of the infrastructure needed for this technology is already in place within mucipal water collection systems and eVortex mechanism is designed for easy retrofitting within the existing structures.



Utilizing the funding provided by U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration I6 grant, a functioning full-scale demonstration prototype was built and tested. The eVortex prototype was retrofitted within a 20 foot tall drop structure with shaft diameter of 6 inches erected at the outdoor laboratory space available the Trenchless Technology Center. The system was tested with a flow rate of 200 gallons per minute. As a next step, the team is  exploring opportunities to conduct a field demo within a real world sewer system. 
3 Place du Commerce Montreal,Quebec Canada
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