Fenway Group

Speciality: Technology Consulting Services, Custom Software Solutions, Information Architecture, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, System Integration, Mobile App & Web Development, User Experience Design, Business Strategy & Intelligence, Web Development.

Headquarters: 1750 Valley View Lane Suite 100Dallas, Texas 75234 United States

Website: www.fenwaygroup.com

Mission:  To offer flexible and well-paying experience opportunities to students and recent graduates in a way that applies the best talent in a cost-effective model to the projects we accept on behalf of our clients.
Fenway Group is a response to the catch-22 many graduates face when looking for a job in their field when they have no “real world” work history. Fenway Group also offers employers economical consulting services while giving them access to fresh, first-class talent.
Positions as associate consultants are opened to students and recent graduates of select universities. The first partnership for the experience was established in the Enterprise Campus at Louisiana Tech in 2012. Associate consultants work from the university’s campus or the Fenway corporate office in Dallas, Texas and are able to choose the number of hours and times of day that best work with their class schedule.
They also have the opportunity to work on meaningful projects from a supportive environment. For every four FTEs (Full-Time Equivalents), there is a senior consultant supervisor to ensure work quality and be available to answer questions that might arise. This is considered the incubation period, after which the associate has a complete resume and available for hire by Fenway Group or one of its client.