Feet for all
A low cost, durable prosthetic limb.

The device was created to provide a low-cost, adjustable, and durable transtibial prosthetic limb for children in developing countries. The system is an adjustable pylon system modeled to be easily implemented with existing socket and pyramid adaptors, which will allow certain parts to be replaced on an as needed basis instead of replacing the entire system. This device will enable a child to keep and use a prosthetic leg for years at a time and adjust the length of their new leg in the comfort of their own home, eliminating the need to travel to clinics or overseas for fittings of new prosthetic legs. Carbon fiber resin composite (CFRC) combinations are researched, tested, and analyzed to determine the best combination to create a foot that is low-cost, easy to manufacture in developing countries, will hold a maximum weight, and still remain as flexible as current solutions.


2013-01-24 16.25.14The system will also include a low-cost and easily manufactured CFRC foot that can support a maximum weight of 300lb and include an angle of flexion of 25°, which will allow it to be competitive in the market for current low-cost prosthetic limbs for children in developing countries.