Fatigue Damage Sensor



Fatigue Damage Sensor for Rotating Machinery ComponentsThis product is a sensor that can detect tiny hairline cracks or deformation (that may not be visually evident) of a rotating component (such as a rotating shaft, or a rotor), while rotating.
The problem in the field of fatigue damage (crack) detection is that current technologies are not accurate enough and/or they require shutting down the rotating component for inspection. Fatigue damage is the most common reason for failures of rotating equipment, such as turbines, helicopter motors, etc.
This technology can be more accurate than existing methods, if sensor is placed strategically.
Using this approach eliminates the need to shut-down critical or large rotating components for testing.
Price of product is comparable to existing, less advanced techniques.

For more information about Fatigue Damage Sensor for Rotating Machinery Components, contact:
Dr. Arun Jaganathan, LA Tech University