There are thousands of sewer drop structures across North America ranging from 5 feet to over 300 feet in height, which convey billions of gallons of water year round. Drop structures direct flow from shallow surface sewers to deeper collection tunnels via a vertical shaft–like a sewer waterfall. An advanced version of a drop structure known as ‘vortex drop structure’ is fast growing in popularity, and its primary objective is to dissipate energy such that the free falling sewer flow within the drop structure does not erode the concrete basement and allow the odor causing sewer gasses to escape into atmosphere. Researchers and Louisiana Tech saw frequency and size of the these sewer waterfalls as an opportunity to generate energy. So they have developed a novel low cost turbine with an integrated electrical generator called ‘eVortex’ to harvest the enormous kinetic energy available in waste water passing through these sewer waterfalls, or drop structures. This technology was developed in collaboration with Ipex International, one of the world leaders in thermoplastic piping systems for today’s municipal, industrial, commercial and residential applications.
The eVortex technology provides an opportunity for municipalities to generate their own power from sewers for their own use or produce a steady stream of revenue through electricity generation. And since most of the infrastructure required for eVortex, namely the drop structure, is already in place within the municipal water collection systems, there is little cost to cities to begin producing power. IPEX Incorporated has licensed the technology from Louisiana Tech with plans to begin deploying the technology in municipalities across North America and Europe.
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