PublicD∅ is one of the two major experiments on the Tevatron collider at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (or, Fermilab), near Batavia, IL. For this project, an international collaborative team of scientists conducts research into the fundamental nature of matter. The Tevatron has commenced RunII. LaTech is partly responsible for:

  • the design, installation and operation of the Inter Cryostat Detector(ICD) sub system;
  • designing and building electronics for part of the D∅ Calorimeter;
  • writing software for the data acquisition systems;
  • to help install and commision detector next year;
  • taking data and studying physics with the completed experiment.



D0 Highlights


  • One of two collider experiments at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago.
  • Highest energy proton-antiproton collisons in the world.
  • Discovered the top quark, single top production, oscillations of the Bs mesons, the cascadeb baryon.
  • Large international collaboration (over 50 institutions, over 500 scientists and engineers).
  • Optimized to look for new physics, measure particle energies well, provide nearly complete detector coverage.
  • Upgraded in 1995-2000 with portions built at LA Tech.
 Louisiana Tech has been associated with the Tevatron collider program at Fermilab since 1997, through our collaboration on the D-Zero experiment. This has included maintaining an office at Fermilab with Louisiana Tech personnel, sending graduate students to Fermilab to work on
the experiment for their dissertations, construction of equipment for the experiment, development of software for the experiment, operation of the experiment, and analysis of the data taken by the experiment for several results presented in peer-reviewed publications.

Please visit the D∅ experiment homepage for more information.