5 Dynamics is a game changing human performance system for increasing productivity in complex 21st century global work environments.  The 5 Dynamics methodology helps individuals identify their unique strengths pattern and focuses organizations around building a culture of performance and engagement. The 5 Dynamics methodology can be used for Career Development, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Onboarding, Team Development, Conflict Resolution, and Project Management.

We offer a web based 2.5 minute assessment and suite of tools/programs to organizations who want to establish an integrated platform for identifying individual strength patterns, optimizing team collaboration and providing the structure for organizations to build a culture of strengths based performance.


The 5 Dynamics Methodology is:

  • Fast: 2.5 minute assessment with instant reports
  • Fun: Reports generated in your learning/Energy style
  • Focused: Make changes that matter
  • Fair: Insight into your strengths without value judgments

5 Dynamics is thrilled to have a satellite office housed at Louisiana Tech University. The Ruston team is the backbone of our operations. Members of our Customer Success team and our Technical Support team are located in the Louisiana Tech Business Incubator. The talent from Louisiana Tech University it top notch. That is why we plan to grow our team in this area. Superior talent, state of the art facilities, and a great partner can all be found at the University. Why would we consider going anywhere else?

If you would like to learn more about 5 Dynamics, please feel free to take a look at our website, www.5dynamics.com.

Specialties: Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Coaching, Training

Headquarters: Tech Pointe PO Box 3159 Ruston,Louisiana 71272 United States