CFD Research Corporation (CFDRC) is the technology leader in engineering simulations and innovative designs, working with diverse global businesses, since 1987. CFDRC researches, develops and provides innovative solutions for:

* Aerospace and Defense
* Biomedical and Life Sciences
* Energy and Materials Technologies

CFDRC develops cutting-edge technologies (software & hardware, designs and prototypes) with Federal agencies and provides the highest possible leverage to our industry partners. CFDRC is a woman-owned Small Business, and is nationally recognized for successful commercialization of innovative technologies.

CFDRC has collaborated with Louisiana Tech University since 2009 on renewable energy projects. The company provided supplies such as silicon wafers for prototyping LA Tech inventions; and also offers facilities and manpower for tests including field testing for energy harvesting devices technology developed by Louisiana Tech University.

Headquarters:215 Wynn Drive Huntsville, AL35805 United States