The Louisiana Optical Network Initiative, or LONI, is a state-of-the-art, 40 Gbps fiber optics network that runs throughout Louisiana, and connects Louisiana and Mississippi research universities to one another as well as Internet2. LONI connects Louisiana’s major research universities, allowing greater collaboration on research that produces results faster and with greater accuracy.  The high performance computing hardware provided by LONI at present consist of the 5,440 core Queen Bee delivering over 50 trillion floating point operations per second (TFLOPS), and six 512-core computers distributed at research universities across the State (including Painter at Louisiana Tech) each delivering almost 5 TFLOPS (


LONI has helped attract significant research funding to Louisiana, including Louisiana Tech.  Examples include the $15M LONI Institute project ( and the $30M LA-SiGMA project (  LONI’s high communication bandwidth is allowing Louisiana Tech to receive advanced courses and seminars from other parts of the State as well as from Europe, and its computational resources are allowing Louisiana Tech researchers to make significant contributions to high profile research projects such as the discovery of the Higgs Boson in the ATLAS detector at CERN, Geneva.

1.The computational modeling that provided the scientific basis for the start-up company Beyond Vision, LLC, was performed on LONI computers.
2.LONI computers were indispensable for a project sponsored by Frymaster, Inc., in Shreveport in which LA Tech researchers addressed and proposed solutions for one of their technical problems.
3.LA Tech researchers used LONI computers to analyze particle accelerator data from Fermi National Laboratory’s D0 (D-Zero) detector that led to the discovery of a new particle  in
4.LA Tech has played a major role in managing LONI.  Dr. Les Guice, now President of Louisiana Tech, was the first Chair of the LONI Management Council. and Ramu Ramachandran, the  Executive Associate Dean for Research is serving on the Council as the UL System representative.