Know your Strengths

Last Friday, September 22, a team from MOCO Leadership, L.L.C. taught a workshop for small businesses across north Louisiana. The training was sponsored by Innovation Enterprise at Louisiana Tech, Louisiana Economic Development, and the West Monroe/West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce.

The MOCO Leadership team of Melanie Massey Groves and Brian Russell shared great information, tools, and strategies for using individual strengths of each team member to power business success. Here are a few of the most important things those in attendance learned at the workshop.

First, Groves and Russell helped the group understand how important it is to know your own strengths and weaknesses.  This knowledge helps focus your energy and effort while allowing you to seek out team members with abilities that complement your own.

Beyond our own strengths, successful business executives must also be able to identify the strengths of others. When seeking to fill jobs, become a ruthless interviewer.  Ask open-ended questions and keep quiet.  Be listening for examples of past behavior, and seek to understand what truly motivates the applicant.

The CliftonStrengths online talent assessment can help you, as a leader or team member, discover what you do best and learn how to develop natural talents so that you can enjoy your best life possible, both at work and at home.  For more information, visit  For example, this resource correctly identified me as Analytical, Relator, Learner, Deliberative, and Achiever. I’m very glad to have taken this assessment, and you will be too!