Doggone Good Idea celebration

Tuesday night, we held our first Doggone Good Idea celebration event. Finalists chosen from over 50 online submissions presented their ideas to the audience and our panel of expert judges. It was truly a night of creativity, learning, and forward thinking!

Each idea generator had the chance to describe his idea, from its features to its target market, to the full crowd at the Rawle Enterprise Center on Louisiana Tech University campus. Judges and audience members responded with insightful questions and comments. When each idea had been pitched, the voting began.

While the judges compiled their notes,¬†audience members “invested” five Monopoly-style dollars in the idea or ideas they thought had the most merit. Cash prizes of $100 were awarded to the winner selected by the judges and the winner of the audience investment.

Sean O’Mahoney was chosen as the judges’ winner. His idea for an affordable electronic textbook library was unique and well-presented. Congratulations to Sean!

The audience selected Ryan Botts as their winner. His idea for an app connecting young people for hire with simple jobs was practical and delivered with poise. Congratulations to Ryan!

Following the main event, attendees were treated to a brief lecture from Tech professor Kirk St. Amant on the qualities of a good idea.

Those who attended the Doggone Good Idea celebration saw a glimpse of the future of business in north Louisiana. Perhaps some or all of the ideas presented will some day become universal realities. Be sure to keep up with us to learn more about business development events going on at and around Louisiana Tech!