Who We Are.


The Innovation Enterprise at Louisiana Tech University is a hotbed of ideas, entrepreneurship, creativity, and new business opportunities. These opportunities are created through collaborations involving students, faculty, and our business partners with unlimited market applications from biomedical to alternative energy, consumer products, and beyond.

A vibrant culture of entrepreneurship and innovation at Louisiana Tech and in the surrounding region has resulted in a burst of new inventions, startup companies, and business partnerships. This web portal is your opportunity to gain access to this innovation enterprise.

Through this site you can access summary information on a wide array of innovations, learn what some of our key business partners are doing, and connect with the resource centers on campus that provide support services to our innovators. You can also connect directly with student and faculty innovators about their work, learn what their development plans are, and explore ways to partner. And, if you are also an innovator, this portal is your connection into potential development partners and resource support.

Welcome to the Innovation Enterprise at Louisiana Tech. Let’s shape the future together.